Monday, 2 January 2012

Fish Pie

Since starting Tonight's Menu something odd has happened.  Not by design, we have managed not to eat the same meal twice*.  I always knew that we had a good repertoire and range in the kitchen but after 43 posts we have only just managed repetition.

My Mum has been staying with us and all of the meals had been planned well in advance.  Shopping had been done early to avoid the "world is going to end tomorrow" madness that rains down on supermarkets before any public holiday.  The only meal not thought through was tonight's.

After demolishing the Highland Chicken, we sat around to decide what we were going to eat.  The blog turned into a handy diary of the previous days meals.  We'd eaten chicken twice and beef and pork once each.  Lamb is off the menu at home as Z doesn't eat it and to my surprise Mum suggested fish.  It's fair to say that Mum isn't a fish fan.  It is eaten grudgingly once a week because it's good for you.

Going back through the previous posts Mum liked the sound of Fish Pie**.  I knew we had the makings of one in the freezer, apart from a bit of something smoked, so it was decided.  A post celebration trip to the supermarket allowed me to pick up a small piece of smoked haddock to go in the pie with salmon, coley and prawns.

*apart from leftover chili con carni
**who doesn't

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