Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Chicken Koftas

After a weekend of feasting and generally eating until I felt sleepy, what I really needed was a light meal.  Not for one second do I mean that I wanted a small portion of food.  Nor did I want to still feel hungry once my knife and fork came together on the plate at the end of the meal.  Nice and filling without being stodgy was the order of the day.

We're not inflexible in the kitchen and tonight's menu changed halfway through the day.  The interesting thing is the key ingredients stayed the same.  We'd initially thought about some Tex-Mex style spicy chicken wraps with roasted veg and rice.  For some reason Z sent me a text during the day which read "Do you fancy koftas?"

We had already thawed out two of Swillington Farm's chicken and bacon burgers to use as the starting block for the meal.  Substituting Moroccan spices for Mexican ones was no hardship.  Instead of rice we had couscous with the roasted vegetables that we were going to cook anyway.  Yoghurt with mint and coriander acted as a dressing for the couscous and a cooling sauce for the spicy koftas.

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