Monday, 23 January 2012

Root Vegetable Crumble

As much as I love a weekend away, getting home is always nice.  Back to the comfort of my kitchen and my sofa which, after years of nurturing, has a perfect me-shaped hollow at one end.  Unfortunately the weekend away also brings the realisation that nobody has done any food shopping for a week.

For one reason or another the celeriac soup that I was going to make last week never happened.  Neither did I make anything with the jerusalem artichokes that had their price reduced (due to an arbitrary sell by date).  Fate it would seem had thrown these roots together.

I roasted them, with some potatoes and a sliced onion, in wholegrain mustard, honey and oil for an hour until golden.  I added a small pot of cream, plenty of bread crumbs and some grated cheese, to give the dish a crumbly topping.  The long cooking time gave me just long enough to get around my local supermarket in readiness for the week ahead.

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