Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Beef and Potato Curry

It was only a matter of time before the weather had an impact on Tonight's Menu, I live in Britain after all.  Mum was leaving today, back to Edinburgh, after a week long visit.  The rail link between the two cities is usually reliable but, like her arrival, the wind was going to have a say in her departure.  All trains between England and Scotland were cancelled and Mum was staying for another night.

Z and I had already decided what we were going to have for our first meal for two in over a week but that wouldn't stretch to three people so we had to rethink.  We also hadn't done a "big shop" so the cupboards were relatively bare.

We found mince in the freezer, a good start, but what to cook.  We'd had lasagne the other night so Spag boll was out the window.  The discovery of a packet of chapattis sealed the deal, curry it was.  Onions, garlic, mince, spices and a tin of tomatoes made the basic sauce.  Potatoes, peas and spring onions were added for bulk and freshness.  Rice #3 (basmati) was rolled out for this one.

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