Sunday, 15 January 2012

Roast Pork

It's been a near perfect winters Sunday.  Bitterly cold but still, with cloudless skies.  A long walk in these conditions is good for the soul.  Having a farmers market at the end of the walk is like manna from heaven.

All of these things came together today.  The Leeds farmers market has two incarnations, on the first Sunday of each month it's located behind Kirkgate Market.  Toady it was the turn of the Briggate market.  The smaller version of the two with added craft stalls but still every bit as alluring.  We ended up with pies for lunch and a few more bits and bobs for during the week.

Pies consumed*, we then went to a friend's house for a toddler play-date and tea.  The tiddlers played with every toy, pot and pan that was within arms reach while us adults caught up on the local news.  Our hosts had cooked roast pork with all the trimmings, bar one.  I simply don't understand why supermarkets sell pork joints with the rind removed.  Not only is crackling one of the greatest guilty pleasures going, but even if you don't like eating pig skin, it helps to protect the meat whilst cooking.

Fortunately this was cooked perfectly and served with some carrots, roast potatoes, stuffing and some wonderful cabbage cooked with bacon, black pudding and apple.  We provided pudding, apple and blackberry crumble, made with foraged fruit last September.  It was all picked from around the corner of our host's house, so it seemed fitting to share it with them.

*with mushy peas, this is Yorkshire.

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  1. I think M621 crumble sounds better