Sunday, 29 January 2012

Boiled Pork Hock

So I did it again, I can't help myself.  We had already decided on our Sunday Dinner before I went to Kirkgate Market for fruit and vegetables.  I returned home with said veggies and two pork hocks.  Instantly changing our meal plans and also knocking one of the weekend's jobs for six.

We had planned Roast Chicken with all the trimmings.  Substituting one meat for another was no hardship and the trimmings remained the same.  We had also planned to replenish our stock of stock.  We make stock in large batches and then freeze it in more useful amounts.  The problem was that I now needed to use the stock pan for the pork.

After a good three hours of gentle cooking the meat fell from the bone and nestled onto the plates next to spuds, roasted in duck fat, carrots and broccoli.  We're going to be eating more meals as a family as @Baby_Rhys grows up.  He already prefers the food on our plates that what is in front of him, even though it's the same food.  Sunday lunch is the perfect family around the table meal, it's the one meal that most families aim to have together.  I hope that we eat together as a family much more often than once a week. Only the future will tell.

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