Friday, 6 January 2012

Friday Night Take-away - Crispy Duck

I'm often found at the reduced section in supermarkets.  But, and this a life lesson for us all, it's only a bargain if you were going to be buying the thing anyway.  A coat in the sales with 50% off its original £100 price tag is still £50.  That's just maths.  If you were looking for a coat, brilliant, well done.  If you were after shoes you have just lost £50 from your Jimmy Choo budget.

Now, to completeley contradict myself, if it has a yellow sticker on it, I'm likely to stick it in my trolley.  I can justify this by now having two freezers (the allotment necessitated the second one).  I'd rather preserve good food and eat it when I'm ready for it, than allow it to be binned just because an arbitrary date on a label has passed.  The real secret to this is not to then forget what is in your freezer (this happens all too often with chest freezers).

Whilst looking for inspiration for yesterday's meal, I found two duck legs tucked at the back of the freezer.  Yes they had the ubiquitous yellow sticker of reduction on the packet.  I would eat duck more often if it was cheap as chips but then again I don't eat chips that often.

Realising that it's Friday night there was only one direction to take the quack in, Chinese.  As with yesterday's chicken, duck legs roast better than frying.  A quick tidy and rub down with salt and five spice and they were ready for a good two hour appointment with the oven.  Stir fried tatsoi from the front garden and jasmine rice (from the cupboard) completed the meal.

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