About Me

Ok, I'll admit it, I'm a foodie*, no harm in that is there?

My journey into food didn't happen until I left home for university and for the first time had to fend for myself.  It started badly (noodle sandwiches anybody) but a strange happening, twist of fate, coincidence, old charter or something, took place around the same time, the BBC food TV revolution.  Sure food TV had been around since before Jonny hoped all of your doughnuts looked like Fanny's but now day time TV was awash with Ready Steady Cook, Can't Cook Won't Cook and too many more to mention.  I was a student and watching too much TV, some of it began to rub off.

Then came The Naked Chef.  Here was someone, around my age who was obsessed with food and not too precious about how it looked, perfect for a scruffy oik like me.

My tastes in food have changed since the mid 90's and my knife skills have improved no end and all without any formal training or ever having worked in a catering background.  I stopped following recipies a long time ago, preferring to use cookery books as inspiration not a fixed set of instructions so this is how I will write this blog.

My real culinary fortune is that I live with somebody who appreciates my food, cooking for one can be a drag.  Thank you Z for letting me do the cooking.

*I'm really not a fan of the term foodie.