Thursday, 5 January 2012

Mediteranian Roast Chicken

I'm still raging against the gluttony of Christmas and New Year celebrations.  I am also still just about getting by on what we have in the house, having not managed to re-fill the cupboards.  I must go shopping tomorrow.

Fortunately, our last meat order from Swillington Farm, contained a chicken so big that we would have been eating leftovers for a week if we had roasted the thing whole.  I jointed it and froze the portions in handy two person packages.  One of these packages was still in the freezer and it contained the two legs.

I think chicken legs are overlooked.  I know that they take longer to cook than the breast but they do manage to taste of chicken.  We use them in stews and curries, stuff them and even stir fry them (once the bone has been removed).

I marinated the legs in lemon juice, coriander, oregano, garlic and olive oil and then roasted them along side some peppers.  Served with seasoned couscous and green beans, I'm feeling less bloated day by day.

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