Monday, 30 January 2012

Pork Madras

As with all good roasts, yesterday's meal has left us with plenty of leftovers.  The question is what to do with them.  The vegetables and some of the pork will be turned into soup using the pork's cooking liquid, but that won't do an evening meal.

I decided that a curry was in order.  Unfortunately time was against me.  The three of us got in from work/nursery late and a huge pile of washing up needed to be seen to before I could even start cooking.  I enjoy cooking curries from scratch, I even grind my own garam massala but tonight wasn't the night.  Luckily we nearly always have a jar of curry paste in the fridge*.

An onion, a couple of peppers and a tin of tomatoes make up the bulk of the madras.  The pork is added towards the end of the simmering to heat through.  In the time it takes to cook basmati rice your curry is done, put the rice on once you're happy with the curry and you'll end up with a richer, deeper sauce.

NB.  We also had a couple of onion bahjis with tonight's menu.  These were leftovers from a buffet at work and I didn't want to see them binned.

*The jar of curry paste is normally held in reserve for marinades.

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