Saturday, 28 January 2012

Pizza and Party Snacks

Since the arrival of our bundle of joy we haven't been the party animals we once were.  We were never into the club scene.  We were habitual pub/bar bunnies and as such we found Leeds to our liking.  No matter what mood you're in Leeds has a bar for you.  Cosy and intimate, wacky and off the wall, dark and brooding, you name it, it's out there.

We were also in the habit of hosting and attending random house parties.  These were not just a group of mates hanging around a kitchen*, they were always themed and fancy dress wasn't optional. We are to this day the proud owners of a fancy dress cupboard that is still being added to.  Tonight we managed to arrange a baby-sitter so we could once again don a costume and make merry.

The party itself is a house warming party, pretty standard reason for having people around for drinks and nibbles.  The hostess is renound for coming up with imaginative themes for her parties and tonight is no different.  Anybody ever been to a Rubik's Cube party?  Neither had I.  The idea was to arrive wearing the six colours of the 80's puzzle and over the course of the night swap clothing so that you are wearing just one colour.

No party is complete without a table bulging with snacks to soak up the booze.  Because we are out of practice Z and I shared a pizza before we set out.  We needn't have bothered as there was plenty to go around, including more pizza, but not too much to stop the twister championships.

*All house parties end up in the kitchen, its the law, tradition or an old charter or something.

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