Thursday, 21 June 2012

Penne with Courgettes

This dish, for a few years now, has heralded the start of courgette season on the allotment.  Since growing our own courgettes (and struggling with gluts) we have stopped buying them.  This means that if we ever grow too many in one season, by the time the next season is underway we are ready for more.

This is such a simple recipe that we have used the theory for other vegetables but there is something about the courgette version that makes us come back time after time.  With a little know how and some skill with a knife it is possible to cut the courgettes so that they resemble the quills of penne*.

The courgettes are simply fried in olive oil with some garlic, dried chilli and a scattering of dried tomatoes.  Cooked penne is then added with a little of the cooking water and more olive oil.  That's it, it really couldn't be simpler.  To me there aren't many dishes that taste more of summer than this one, all we need now is some sunshine.

*Top tip from Mr Jamie Oliver

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