Thursday, 28 June 2012


When planning our meals for this week Z announced that she would like to make a moussaka for our evening meal tonight.  I can only assume that having an aubergine in the fridge over the weekend got to her.  The aubergine is one of my least favourite vegetables but by the time it is fried, smothered in spicy mince and topped with cheese, it's not too bad.

As I'm still working on the late shift at work, Z and her mum had all the fun in the kitchen.  Following this recipe, Z made the mince yesterday and finished off the layering and baking today.  Making the sauce in advance meant that it had time to mellow and for the flavours to develop.  Z then tweaked the seasoning, more or less doubling the spice quantities in the recipe, before slamming it into the oven.  All that was left to do was make a side salad and enjoy.

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