Monday, 18 June 2012

Pasta con pollo

Last night's kedjenou was a roaring success.  The chicken was perfectly cooked and there was so much flavour in the vegetables that, for once, there was no need to add herbs and spices to the couscous.  The one slight problem was the portion size.  Put simply, I had cooked far too much! 

I had cooked two chicken legs, one each for Z and I, but I hadn't taken into account their size until I dished up.  The legs were huge.  I wouldn't have liked to bump into the chicken that they'd belonged to.  It would have been like something from Family Guy, only I'm not quite as portly as Peter Griffin and the chicken wouldn't have been the same height as me.  Between us Z and I only managed to eat one leg, which left us with another meal worth of chicken.

For tonight's meal Z raided the fridge and found some tinned tomatoes, mushrooms and a pepper that wanted eating.  Everything was simmered together for a couple of hours until it turned into a rich ragu and finished with lots of fresh thyme.  The sauce was served with pasta and plenty of parmesan cheese and was delicious.

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