Monday, 25 June 2012

Pasta with Tomato Sauce

Yesterday I decided not to watch the football.  Using man logic, I realised that I had missed all of England's goals during Euro 2012 for one reason or an other.  Not watching would guarantee England victory against Italy right?  Wrong.  Perhaps it was the fact that I listened to the game and therefore would have heard the goal that scuppered England.  Perhaps it was England's woeful record at scoring penalties.  Perhaps it was Rooney's new haircut ruining his aerodynamics.  Perhaps it was none of these things.  It did mean that I got some time on my own in the kitchen.

One of the ingredients on my shopping list for the mezze on Saturday was tomatoes.  I clearly hadn't been paying attention at the meal planning stage because I bought a catering pack of salad toms for a quid, only to find out that Z only required four of them for the salad.  I busied myself with knocking up a simple slow cooked tomato sauce.  I decided not to peel them but aesthetically the finished product would have been nicer.

The tomatoes were added to a fried red onion and some garlic and then left alone to collapse into themselves, over a low heat, for a couple of hours.  This really brings out the sweetness of the tomatoes.  In the past we have used the sauce at this stage to cover fish before baking it.  Tonight it has been used as a pasta sauce.  Oregano, basil and a little chilli were added along with a handful of chopped olives and the dish was finished with parmesan.  This was so good that for once Z finished her plate before I did.

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