Monday, 4 June 2012

Bank Holiday BBQ Boerewors

Finally, after yesterday's wash out, the sun has come out.  That, coupled with the fact that today is Bank Holiday Monday, can only mean one thing, a barbecue.  In a slight break with tradition we've barbecued for lunch rather than our evening meal so that our departing guests could partake in some of the finest sausages in Leeds.

One of the gems of Leeds Kirkgate Market is Capcan, the South African Butcher on Butcher's Row.  I had cooked some of their boerewors for Mr S last summer and they were of course on the menu this afternoon.  I also cooked some lambwors which, in my opinion, are the best bangers around.

To go with the sausages, I made coleslaw and Z knocked up a potato and avocado salad and a green salad.  Z isn't a fan of lamb but there is so much flavour in the lambwors that even she devoured them although she preferred the boerewors.  There are more varieties of South African sausage for me to try, from Capcan, but they will have to be pretty special to eclipse these two.

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  1. I must, must, must get to that Butcher and get some of those.