Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Mackerel Fish cakes

After last night's pasta with its slow cooked sauce, Z decided to raid the freezer for tonight's meal.  What she found was a box of mackerel fish cakes.  Now these were no ordinary fish cakes.  To start with they were home-made, not shop bought.  They were made using the remains of the massive mackerel that I bought a couple of weeks ago and so they were already infused with the flavour of the chimichurri sauce, which is a great start.

The real advantage of home-made fish cakes is that you can monitor the quantities of the ingredients.  All too often shop bought fish cakes are far to heavy on the potato and scant on the fish.  They should be fish cakes, not potato cakes with a hint of fish.  The balance is important.

The final crowning glory to these fish cakes is that they were coated in garlic-bread crumbs.  A while ago and in a complete break from tradition, we managed to have left over garlic bread.  This got crumbed and frozen for a rainy day and that day came.  The extra hint of garlic really set off the fish cakes.  Z served the fish cakes with oven chips* and a side salad.  The salad dressing was based on tartar sauce, to go with the fish. She really thinks of everything.

*well, the oven was on.

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