Saturday, 14 April 2012

A Tale of Two Meals

It has been a busy couple of days, which is the main reason for a combined catch up post.  On Friday we finally took delivery of our new shiny fridge freezer.  I have become so accustomed to not having a fridge in the kitchen that it feels massive.  It took a while to get it into its final position only for us to then realise that the doors need to open the other way around.

I found the relevant section in the manual and set about removing the doors.  Half way through this simple task I realised that I didn't have all of the relevant tools*.  I rehung the fridge door and realised that the evening had run away with me.  It was far too late to start cooking so the planned Friday Night Take-away of Chana Saag Paneer was put on the back burner.  In its place I went to our local Chinese take-away and bought Chicken with Cashew Nuts.

Today we had planned a trip to York to see some of Z's colleagues.  This was nearly scuppered by one of my colleagues not being able to work.  Fortunately, I work with a great team and between three of us we got the shift covered and I made it to York for a beer or two.  I took the opportunity, while passing through Leeds, to stop off at Fish& for a cone of calamari.  If you haven't stopped at the hut on Commercial Street for a mackerel bap, or fish and chips with a twist, then I insist that you do.  Not only will you be eating great food but you'll be supporting a truly local start up business while you're at it.

Over in York we headed for a couple of family friendly pubs.  We were having a really good time chatting with a group of friends that we don't get to see often enough.  Then we realised that we were still in York and it was fast approaching R's tea time.  York isn't that far from Leeds but try telling that to a hungry 18 month old whose very life is dictated by meal times.  We made a dash into Pizza Express** and ordered a plate of meatballs for the boy and a couple of pizzas for the two of us.  R helped himself to our pizzas but then slept on the train home, so the operation was a success.

We had planned, for the second day running, to cook that curry.  It will just have to wait until tomorrow now.

*Never start a DIY project at any time other than 9am on Saturday morning.  There will always be something that can go wrong and it will take you the rest of the day to sort it out.  This includes a trip to your local DIY store to buy the tools that you thought you already had.
**Other pizza restaurants are available.

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