Sunday, 1 April 2012

Ham and Egg Salad

After a week away from home it's always nice to get back to your own kitchen.  Firstly, have you ever tried to make a cup of tea in somebody else's house?  Nothing is where it should be*, spoons and mugs are all hidden and only Indiana Jones could retrieve the teabags.  This is what we have returned home to.

Our holiday was brought on due to having the entire ground floor of our house sanded last week.  It was just going to be easier not to be around the sawdust or having to live in a varnish fume filled house.  So we packed up the living room and kitchen, removed all furniture and fittings and high-tailed it to Edinburgh.  We had a great week, visiting relatives, going to the zoo* and eating ice cream on the beach in March!

But now we are back home everything is in disarray.  We don't even have a fridge to keep milk in never mind not having any milk.  Arriving home on Sunday brings with it the added problem of Sunday trading hours.  I had half an hour to run to the supermarket and buy the essentials.  After the obligatory motorway service station burger we decided on a salad for tonight's menu.

We always have jars of olives and artichokes so all I needed to buy was some leaves and we were already on to a decent meal.  I bought some nice parma ham and a decent loaf of bread and Z poached a couple of eggs.  A quick healthy meal was just what we needed after a week of excess. Now to put the house back together.

*apart from the milk, that is 99.9% of the time in the fridge.
** these are two unrelated events.

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