Monday, 23 April 2012

Bangers and Mash

Today has not been one of the better days on record.  I'm usually a happy-go-lucky kind of guy but today I've been wandering around work like a bear with a sore head.  Needless to say, the weather didn't help matters!  Luckily for me Z was on hand to save the day from complete ruination.

By the time I finally got home from work, Z had fed, bathed and read the boy his bedtime story and was already preparing tonight's meal.  Last week we took delivery of a meat box from Swillington Farm*. I won't regale you with a full list of its contents, but there were sausages.  They were rare breed, outdoor reared pork and herb sausages and very nice they were too.  Z also made some potato, swede and parsley mash and suddenly the day wasn't so bad after all.

*our first one since November last year!

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