Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Fusilli with Bacon and Leeks

Scratching around in our cavernous fridge and our usually well stocked store cupboards last night, and again this morning, left us completely uninspired.  We simply couldn't fathom what we could cook from what food we already had.  The miserable weather conditions that we woke to were the muse that I was lacking.  I wanted a hug on a plate.  It was then I remembered a small packet of bacon nestled in the freezer and my food cogs started whirring.

Z scurried to the cellar to save the bacon and arrived back in the kitchen clutching a small amount of chicken.  I must remember to label frozen food stuffs better!  By now we both had our hearts set on an unctuous bowl of pasta, so Z braved the rain on her way home from work just to get some bacon.

The bacon was fried off with a finely shredded leek, some thyme and plenty of black pepper.  A glug of cream was poured in before cooked pasta was added to the sauce.  The dish was finished off with a hand full of parsley, some more black pepper and topped with parmesan cheese.

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