Sunday, 13 May 2012

Spaghetti Bolognese

It's Sunday and traditionally that would mean a nice Sunday Roast, or at least an opportunity for the three of us to sit down together for our evening meal.  If you had asked me on Friday what we were eating this evening I would have told you Roast Shoulder of Pork and all of the trimmings.  Had you asked me yesterday morning you would have had the same response.  However, by yesterday afternoon I had changed my mind.

Yesterday, to give Z some time in the house alone, I took R for a walk* around Wilton Park in Batley.  I had been once before, many years ago and I remembered the duck pond, the play park and the woods that led up to Bagshaw Museum.  It had been high summer on my last visit so I had absolutely no idea that the woods would be carpeted with ramsons (wild garlic).  I was stunned to see so much of it but with R in my arms I was in no position to pick any.  So today the three of us went back to Batley to fill our pockets.

What, if anything does this have to do with having Spaghetti Bolognese for our meal instead of a roast?  Well, the timings for the roast would have eaten into the day and we were determined to go out for a forage.  If we had held off cooking until we returned home after our long walk, R would have ended up eating on his own.  So last night I made a big vat of bolognese sauce so that on our return, our tea was only a pan of pasta away.

The wild garlic will make itself known over the next week or so as I have been challenged by Z to make her a Chicken Kiev using some of the leaves.  We'll see how that works out later in the week.

*I did all of the walking, R was content to be carried so that he was free to point at dogs, trees, cars and ducks.

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