Thursday, 24 May 2012

Chicken Fajitas

There has been a distinctly Chistmassy feel in the air this week.  It's not the lack of snow.  I've not had a huge pile of presents to open.  I've not started drinking at breakfast time.  I've not even eaten my own bodyweight in chocolate.  The Christmassy feel has been provided by the leftovers from Sunday's roast chicken.  As with the Christmas turkey, we have been eating the chicken for days.  Not only did it appear in a risotto, but it has also been in salads and sandwiches for our lunches.

Tonight's meal was a triumph of leftovers.  Not only did it contain the end of the roast chicken, but it also used the leftover sauce from last night's meatballs.  Z reheated the chicken in the tomato sauce before adding a third leftover, the end of a jar of The Chilli Jam Man's Chocolate Orange Chilli Jam.  Z also managed to find that rarest of things, a ripe avocado.  This was turned into a creamy guacamole which was perfect alongside a fresh tomato salsa.  The composite parts of the meal were then stuffed into corn tortillas and devoured.

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