Sunday, 22 July 2012

Pork and Apple Crumble

Isn't it strange where inspiration comes from.  Last week on Twitter I noticed a conversation, which went a little like this;

@PeopleOfUK "What are some of your food must-haves and obsessions?!"
@fflowerstar "Apple Crumble & Pork, obviously not together! If one follows the other though I'm in food heaven!!"
@EwanMitchell "I bet you could do a really nice pork and apple crumble."

The conversation moved on to include pork and apple crumble cook-offs and the promise of home delivery of ramekins of tasty food but the thought stuck in my head.  It must be possible to make a really nice pork and apple crumble.

I think Mum and Z were a bit disappointed at first.  When I announced that I was making Pork and Apple Crumble they must of heard "I'm making Pork, and Apple Crumble."  I started with the pork.  I fried cubes of pork shoulder in batches, after dusting it in seasoned flour.  I then fried onions, bacon and garlic before putting the pork back in the pan and adding a chopped leek.  After frying the mixture for a couple of minutes I added a bottle of cider, brought the pan to the boil and then let it simmer, covered, for around an hour.

The crumble topping was made with flour, butter, mixed herbs and parmesan cheese rubbed together until they resembled bread crumbs, or that's what I thought.  The butter was far too warm, as was I, and the whole lot came together as a big dough ball.  Extra flour was added and a lighter touch used and soon I had what was needed.  The pork was transferred to a baking dish, a layer of thinly sliced bramley apples was laid on top and then the whole lot was covered with the crumble.  This was then baked for around thirty minutes.

The finished crumble was great but it needs some tweaks for its next outing.  The pork was really well cooked but the sauce had reduced too much so the dish was a little dry.  I also used too much of the crumble mixture which meant it wasn't crumbly and crunchy all the way through.  So, can you make a really nice pork and apple crumble? Yes you can.

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  1. I think I lucked out making mini ones - it kept everything moist and cooked really quickly!