Saturday, 28 July 2012

Olympic Food Challenge: Marshall Islands - Macadamia Nut Pie

I know that we are four days into the Olympic Food Challenge now but today really was a challenge.  Finding recipes for the Marshal Islands was harder than finding hen's teeth or rocking horse droppings.  Tonight's Menu has always been about the main meal of the day in our house, the main course to be precise, but I really struggled to find anything other than this Macadamia Nut Pie recipe.  In fact, it turned up on more than one website so I'm fairly sure it's a real Marshalees recipe.

Having found the only recipe that was available to me, the next challenge was to work out when to cook it and what the actual main course would be.  That was when good fortune shined upon me.  I have cancelled all plans for doing anything and seeing anyone during the course of the Olympic Food Challenge.  It's not that I'm some kind of recluse but writing takes time and so does pulling together the posts from the other bloggers.  The only thing that hadn't been cancelled was a pub crawl in York for one of Z's colleague's 30th birthday.

But what better present for a 30 year old than a pie?  As none of us are as match fit as we used to be in the drinking steaks we only had three pubs on the list and we only made two of those.  We then returned to the birthday boy's house for more drinks and some food.  This is where the pie made its appearance.   There were a dozen of us including toddlers but I'm sure we could have saved some for Marshall Islands' four Olympians.

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