Thursday, 12 July 2012

French Cheese, Homage 2 Fromage

It's that time of the month again.  Time for the cheese lovers of Leeds to get together, in a warm room above a pub, and sample some of the best cheese known to man.  The theme to this evening's cheese club was French Cheese and there isn't a lot the French don't know about fromage.  Some would argue* that French cheese is the finest in the world and tonight we had nine of their finest to sample.

As with us here in Blighty, there is a French cheese for every pallet.  From the soft and flavoursome Brie de Meaux (the king of French cheese) to the powerful Langres, a rind washed cheese to give Stinking Bishop a run for it's money, and everything in between.  I had been cheeky in the run-up to to this month's event and suggested that Morbier should be one of the cheeses on offer.  I presumed that not many people would have tried it never mind heard of it.  A soft mountain cheese with a layer of soot running through the middle isn't the kind of thing you find on the average supermarket shelf.

I was more than ammused when, after tasting all of the cheeses, Nick**, in his usual run through of what we had eaten, announced the secret behind Morbier's dark centre.  The audible gasp made me chuckle.

The evening was rounded off with a cheese quiz.  I love a quiz and I love cheese but clearly not to the extent of some of the homagers.  There were some gripes about the questions (I don't think ewe's milk is unusual for a cheese) but there was nothing to sour the evening.

*mainly the French.
**Nick and Vicky are the masterminds behind Homage 2 Fromage and need and deserve all the praise in the world.  What they have achieved in 10 months is staggering.


  1. Hmmmm, Morbier! Newly discovered and now top of my list of fave cheeses!

    1. I bet that list changes all of the time!