Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Tagliatelle Carbonara

Whilst flicking through our folder of recipes* last night, looking for the Moroccan Chicken recipe, I came across yet another household favourite, carbonara.  I've loved this creamy, cheesy pasta sauce since well before I left home.  Admittedly the first time I had carbonara it was from a jar and there is still a place for the cook-in sauce.  That place just isn't my kitchen

The recipe I unearthed was a James Martin one from UKTV Food.  Cook your pasta as normal and fry off some bacon in a separate pan.  Once these are cooked, crack on with the sauce.  In a bowl mix together 150ml of double cream, grated parmesan, lots of black pepper and parsley.  Then beat in five egg yolks!

Once the pasta is drained stir it through the bacon and then, off the heat, stir in the egg and cream mix.  The residual heat will be more than enough to cook out the sauce and there is no danger of the eggs scrambling.  Just in case there aren't enough calories on your plate grate over some more cheese.  This is pure luxury on a plate.

*I know that I keep banging on about not following recipes but everybody starts somewhere and we have had this folder for about 16 years.  It contains hand written notes, photocopies and screen grabs from the internet.  Most of them are grubby and look worse for wear.

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