Monday, 12 March 2012

Rigatoni with Anchovies and Olives

When I asked Z what she wanted to eat tonight I wasn't expecting to hear "we should really do something with all of those olives."  I'll be honest, I hadn't noticed that we had accumulated a glut of them.  We nearly always have a jar of them in the fridge for salads and sauces but they don't often get the staring role in a dish.

We considered a tuna nicoise style pasta sauce but then I noticed some other jars of antipasti that were screaming out to be enjoyed.  Crushed garlic, anchovies, the olives and some sun-dried tomatoes were fried off in some olive oil.  Cooked pasta was added before more oil and some chilli flakes.  I can't remember cooking a more flavour packed or simpler pasta sauce.

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