Sunday, 19 February 2012

Linguine alla Vongole

Tonight's menu was destined to be something completely different.  Before setting out on Saturday to Leeds Markets, Z and I had discussed the weekend's meals and realised that we really wanted fish.  Specifically, mackerel cooked with a lemon and black pepper crumb.

We walked up and down Fish Row,  but honestly, the mackerel didn't look all that great.  The sea bass looked incredible as did the whole salmon which were being sold for £20.00 each.  We couldn't decide what to buy and my culinary imagination wasn't firing so we wandered off to purchase the week's fruit and veg.

We eventually returned to Fish Row because we are determined to eat more fish than we currently do.  On route we mulled over what we could cook with some of the good looking fish.  That was when I realised the one thing that had excited me wasn't a fish at all.  It was clams.  Every stall had piles of them.  They must have snuck into my peripheral vision at some point on our initial browse.

I knew instantly what I wanted to cook so the decision was made.  Linguine alla Vongole* is such a quick and simple dish to prepare I really should make it more often.  The clams cook in seconds in softened onions, dried chilli and a glass of white wine.  Chopped parsley is then added before the cooked pasta is coated in the light sauce.  You can add parmesan if you want but this is the one Italian dish that doesn't need it.

*Linguine with clams

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