Thursday, 16 February 2012

Homage 2 Fromage

The first rule of Cheese Club is you must talk about Cheese Club and I don't like breaking rules.  Tonight was the fifth Homage 2 Fromage and Yorkshire cheese was the star of the show.  I was staggered with the range and variety of cheeses on offer from the region.

We had six very different cheeses to taste.  They ranged from the incredibly buttery through to intensely salty with beer and blue thrown in to really test the taste buds.  We were then treated to Yorkshire's own Ewe's milk rhubarb cheese, a cheese that is so seasonal that we were tasting cheese that was only a few weeks old. 

Along with getting to eat fantastic cheese, Homage 2 Fromage has given me the opportunity to meet some really nice people.  Not everybody is a fromageaphile but everyone at cheese club leaves happy.  Next month Irish cheese is on offer.  You can't stand on ceremony at Cheese Club or all you'll get is crumbs.

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