Saturday, 4 February 2012

Baked Rainbow Trout

I like fish.  In fact I like all of the watery edibles that I have tried so far.  There are some odd creatures in the depths of the ocean, like the sea cucumber, that even I might turn my nose up at.  But closer to home I don't think there are many creatures that I wouldn't be happy to have on my plate.

This is not true of all of my friends however.  A close friend of mine went on a fly-fishing trip, which was organised by and for a gang of lads.  Part of the day's fun was the guarantee that even if you didn't catch anything, you would come away with two lovely fresh (farmed) rainbow trout.  This sounds great to me but Pablo doesn't eat fish.  He didn't let on to his mates, or to the owner of the fish farm.  He had a good day out, caught nothing, and went home with his fishes.

This is how I have come to have a trout in the freezer.  Baking the fillets in a tin foil parcel with sliced onions, lemon and parsley is simplicity itself.  Getting the fillets off in the first place was more of a struggle.  Today's division of labour meant that Z was prepping the meal while I went on a late dash to the supermarket.  I like to think that I keep our knives reasonably sharp but clearly I need to do better.

Still, by the time I had returned the fish was filleted and pin-boned and ready for the oven.  By the time all this had taken place, it was late.  We spent the rest of the evening listening to music and compiling playlists on any number of themes, but that is a different blog altogether.

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