Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Bangers and mash

Now we are in February and life has normalised itself, after Christmas and New Year, we have received a lovely delivery.  Our first meat box from Swillington Farm.  When we first ordered an organic, local, rare bread meat box from Swillingon we decided it would be a good test to see if we could go a month without buying meat.

I think it's fair to say we passed, but not with flying colours.  There was always an occasion, visitors or a desire for bacon when we had already had our months allowance.  We've loosened our strict meat embargo and now allow ourselves to buy extra without feeing guilty, but only if we fall on bargains, or really want steak.

In our experience, there are a couple of givens in the boxes.  Bacon, pork loin steaks and sausages.  The sausages, all be it ever present, have never been the same, two boxes in a row.  This month we received pure pork sausages.

Given the wonderfully seasonal weather we've been having it was no surprise that Z wanted sausages and mash.  I've not analysed why mashed potato is so comforting but I'm willing to accept that it is.

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