Thursday, 9 August 2012

Olympic Food Challenge: Togo - Crevettes aux Poivrons

Researching recipes for the Olympic Food Challenge has been equally interesting and frustrating.  For some countries, recipes have fallen out of the internet and begged me to cook them.  Togo was not one of those countries.  Due to the unique way that Google searches the internet, I had page after page of food to-go!

I had all but given up when Z found a recipe for Crevettes aux Poivrons.  It is such a simple recipe that I was worried that it would be bland, but I shouldn't have.  The combination of ginger, garlic, peppers and prawns worked really well.  The recipe suggested that we serve the prawns with sweet potato chips.  I made some wedges but they were kind of surplus to requirements with the amount of prawns that I cooked.

Togo are yet to win a medal in the London Olympics.  They won a bronze in Beijing but with only a few days left I can't see them matching it this time around.  The team of six athletes can hold their heads up high however* as this dish was superb and we'll definitely be cooking prawns like this again.

*not that they'll be reading this, but you never know.

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