Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Merguez Sausages

If you follow me on twitter* you may have noticed that I have a fairly unhealthy relationship with merguez sausages.  It runs close to an obsession and is fuelled by a lack of merguez in my life.  I'm sure that if I could find a reliable source for the spicy North African Sausages in Leeds, I could easily do without them but their absence makes me want them more.

Such is my desire for merguez that when I discovered a 'merguez inspired' sausage in Morrison's**, a packet was in my shopping basket faster than Usain Bolt doing up his shoe laces.  Never mind that I was shopping for the Olympic Food Challenge, or that the object of my desire was not indigenous to any of my countries, they had to be bought.

Now that the challenge is over*** and I can eat what I want, the merguez were first on the meal planner. Nothing could have made me happier than tucking into a plate of merguez with a pile of skinny chips and a mound of salad, so that is what we had.  I knocked up a yoghurt, lemon and mint dressing and wallowed in my obsession.  The sausages weren't bad but they were not 100% authentic.  My search goes on, but at least I now have a substitute for when the cravings get too bad.

*why not?
**other supermarkets are available.
***for now

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