Friday, 2 December 2011

Friday Night Take-away: Thai Red Curry

Today we had a trip into Leeds to nose around Kirkgate Market.  If you live in Leeds and don't use the market for at least some of your food shopping, you should.  If, for some reason, you think that markets are full of knocked off trainers and rotting fruit, you'll be in for a shock.  Kirkgate is a hive of quality butchers, green grocers, fishmongers and game sellers.  These stalls all nestle in with clothes, pets, toys, Polish and Chinese shops and fast food bars selling everything from sausage rolls to samosas.

I was, as always, looking for inspiration for what to cook.  For once however,  I had an additional source of inspiration.  I looked back over the past weeks posts on Tonight's Menu and noticed an omission.  You don't have to be Raymond Blanc to realise that I haven't eaten fish since I started the blog.  This is an unusual happen stance but I'll blame the holiday.

So with fish in mind I trotted off to Row 1, The Fish & Game Row, and wandered up and down, eyeing up the denizens of the deep.  I couldn't help myself.  I bought three different fishy treats for this weekend but more of that tomorrow.

I'd also realised that we had eaten a lot of comfort food recently.  What I was after was lighter, but still hot, and that was when Thai hit me.  We normally cook Green Curries at home.  Fresh and herby but most importantly hot.  Now that we're officially into winter I decided that red curry was the way forward.  There are more earthy spices in Red Curry so the heat goes further.

Once made, all it took was to steam the Sea Bass fillets in the sauce and serve with sticky Jasmine Rice.

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  1. Since you are scottish did you have a couple of pokes of chips with that.