Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Dining Al-desko

Due to circumstances beyond my control*, I find myself at work this evening. 

We all, including those who work out of office hours, need to take days off.  That is precisely what Mr L has done this evening and is why I'm still here.  Still, after taking two weeks of holiday myself I can hardly complain.

I didn't really think about what I was eating this evening when I got up this morning.  I busied myself with making my lunch and then realised the additional food requirement.  In the past I've gone for the nutritious "noodle in a pot" but I'd neglected to buy one.  I raided the fridge and fortunately found half of a spinach and goats cheese quiche wanting to be eaten and a bag of salad.  That was easy and should keep me going until I get home.

I'll be doing the late shift again in a few weeks time.  So from Monday 19th to Thursday 22nd December, "Tonight's Menu" will be "Today's Lunch".  Until tomorrow, I will share with you a view of my dining table ce soir.

Not Poodle

*This is not true, I approve all anual leave.  Tonight is totally my fault.

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