Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Burger and Chips

Our original nineteen countries in the Olympic Food Challenge were a heavy mixture of beef, lamb and pork dishes.  We struggled to find many chicken or fish dishes and there were certainly no vegetarian meals to be had.  This time around we have drawn ten countries that seem to be chicken and fish obsessed.  This week's meal planning went a bit awry, as we were in danger of having chicken two days in a row, so with a break in the Olympic Food Challenge we decided to devour some red meat.

I know that the phrase "Why go out for burgers when I can have steak at home" is actually a referance to fidelity but if you look on it as a statement it's a little flawed.  Don't get me wrong, I love steak, but I also love a good burger once in a while.  These particular burgers were from Swillington Farm, so chocked full of rare breed goodness.

The beauty of a burger at home is that you are in control of the toppings*.  I kept things simple with French's American mustard and cheese while Z added tomato relish to hers.  Corn on the cob, pickles and skinny fries made for a wonderful mid week meal.  In amongst the frantic cooking of the last month the burger was like an oasis of calm.  A big, juicy, comforting oasis of calm.

*if you make the burger from scratch you are in control of the whole process, but that is for a different blog post altogether.

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